More effective and lower running costs

Greater filtration surface area, less use of energy, higher permeate yield and fewer membranes? Enomeccanica Bosio has always used 8“ membranes on must nanofiltration and reverse osmosis systems. The efficiency of the increased filtration surface area is supported by a special high-flow pumping system that prevents blockages. The result? Just 3 membranes give the same yield as a traditional system using 10 x 4“ membranes: a technological revolution that guarantees excellent outcomes while cutting running costs.
  • More effective and lower running costs
  • Very low increases in temperature during the processing of the must
  • Systems delivering from 20 to 1,600 litres/h and more of permeate
  • Systems custom-made to requirements
  • Low speed pumps with high flow rates to optimize treatment with the utmost respect for the product
  • HF/ET model kW/permeate yield/running cost ratios never previously achieved in this type of system




Systems for remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems

Intelligent components for integration and / or interconnection and automatic control of processes used for the revamping of existing production systems

Monitoring systems to ensure and track the quality of the product and / or the production process that allow to qualify the production processes in an evidential manner that is connected to the factory information system