Cuts down on filtration issues and costs

A single filter for must, wine, fermentation lees, clarification sediment and flotation lees. Our FTC/F filter is the all-in-one solution for cutting filtration costs and times in the winery. The ceramic membranes recover considerable quantities of wine, while also being environmentally-friendly: no more filtration aids, fossil flours, cartridges or filtering layers which require constant replacement and disposal.

  • From 1000 to 0.9 NTU in a single filtration
  • Replaces the main types of filtration (pre-coat / vacuum / sheet / disk / cartridge / hollow fibre crossflow
  • Just one filter for musts / wines / fermentation lees / clarification sediment / flotation lees
  • Ceramic membrane filter

Green solution

Less waste for disposal, more environmentally-friendly! 


Systems for remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems

Intelligent components for integration and / or interconnection and automatic control of processes used for the revamping of existing production systems

Monitoring systems to ensure and track the quality of the product and / or the production process that allow to qualify the production processes in an evidential manner that is connected to the factory information system