Automatic fermentation unit

The most innovative spraying system on the market. A simplified control panel manages the spraying dosage automatically.

  • Uniform dosage thanks to an increase in centrifugal force rather than pumping pressure
  • Easy and intuitive to use: just input the diameter of the tank
  • Delicate extraction over the entire surface of the cap of solids
  • No preferential pathways created during spraying


  • Temperature control
  • Level
  • Skin extraction
  • Connection to PC
  • Integration with macro-oxygenation systems

more than 3000

sprayers sold in italy and across the world


Systems for remote maintenance and / or remote diagnosis and / or remote control systems

Intelligent components for integration and / or interconnection and automatic control of processes used for the revamping of existing production systems

Monitoring systems to ensure and track the quality of the product and / or the production process that allow to qualify the production processes in an evidential manner that is connected to the factory information system